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She bumps into a doorway. "That's a door that I walk into."

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"I’m not fitting in, one of these things is not like the other. We had these incredible ballerinas who can just do everything with their bodies and me who can do relatively nothing with mine. […] And I’m essentially doing all the worst mom and dad moves you could ever think of In the midst of these incredibly disciplined, beautiful, sophisticated, creatures. It’s heaven."   

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Taylor Swift attends Deutscher Radiopreis 2014 -September 4, 2014

Taylor Swift attends Deutscher Radiopreis 2014 -September 4, 2014

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"I shake it off, I shake it off I I I shake it off, I shake it off I I I..."

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Olivia Swift leaving her apartment in NYC.

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EVERY TIME I LISTEN TO RED IN ORDER I LOSE MY SHIT WHEN IT GOES FROM I ALMOST DO TO WANEGBT IT MAKES ME LAUGH SO HARD she’s like ‘i wanna call you but i won’t but i REALLY WANT TO I’M SO CLOSE TO CALLING YOU’ and then on the next track she’s just like ‘nah fuck it i’m done bye’

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hey guys! so taylor followed me and i want as many of you to get follows as well! so if she doesn’t follow you, like/reblog this post and I will go through your blog and reblog a lot so maybe she will see you!! (and maybe ill follow you too… though I am not nearly as good at taylor!) preferably mostly a taylor swift blog and following me but you don’t have to be :)

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And the saddest fear comes creeping in: that she never loved me, or her, or anyone, or anything




What is gay privilege?

better sex

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