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Most awkward bit of my blog, um... There's nothing too exciting about me, I got retweeted by Taylor Nation once and I went to the Red Tour 1st Feb 2014!! So they're my Swiftie accolades, if that's what you could call them. Erm, yeah I really like Taylor Swift, I tried to come up with something witty and sarcastic for this bio... As you can see, it failed pretty badly.

Me | 16 | Gay | Male

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Taylor in Billboard magazine - August 30, 2014

Taylor in Billboard magazine - August 30, 2014

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things girls are made to feel ashamed of-

  • having periods
  • choosing what they want to wear on their body
  • wanting to/not wanting to have sex
  • putting boys in the ‘friendzone’
  • standing up against misogyny
  • ruining a boy’s life by telling the police that he raped her
  • abortion
  • having hair on their body
  • not appreciating catcalls
  • not appreciating chivalry
  • having control over their own fucking body

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In fairytales, the bad guy is always wearing a black cape and you always know who he is. Maybe the bad guy isn’t easy to spot, in real life, the bad guy is actually really, really cute.

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Come on, come on, don’t leave me like this

I thought I had you figured out

Something’s gone terribly wrong

Won’t finish what you started

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This is your new September. I hope you remember that everybody else has messed up too, and today is never too late to be brand new.

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Imagine if you could like go back in time and see Taylor and she was like 10 and just say something like “you’re destined for great things one day” and then sashay away.

Fetus Taylor Swift

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15/∞ pictures of taylor swift

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